Gardens for the built structure that are Ecologically Sustainable

Led by Stuart Tyler, holding 14 years experience with Fytogreen, his team and support crew comprise a team that has installed over 300 gardens on buildings, throughout Australia & NZ. The team includes a tertiary qualified botanist, hydroponic experts, experienced installers and research scientists.

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Benefits of Our Gardens

The benefits of installing our Sustainable Green solutions are numerous and include environmental, community and financial advantages.


Purifies the Air

A green wall will contribute to the purification of the air and improve air quality in and around your building.


Social Environment

Roof gardens or large planter boxes can help to foster a sense of community in the workplace.


Noise Reduction

Externally, a green wall can absorb up to 40% more sound than a bare facade.


Increases Productivity

Using a green wall can really
help boost productivity and
employee satisfaction.


Temperature Control

In the summer, it creates a cooler, more pleasant climate and in the winter, it creates an extra layer of insulation.


Reduce Sick Days

Greenery promotes a healthy indoor climate, this helps to reduce the number of staff absences through sick leave.


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