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Stuart has 14 years of experience with Fytogreen, a leading supplier of gardens on buildings and was involved in around 300 gardens in, on and around buildings. After gaining qualifications in Sciences and Microbiology, he has worked alongside many clients to assess their needs. Beginning with presenting the most appropriate green infrastructure product, then managing the process of design, creation, installation and ongoing maintenance of their green wall solution.

He has now brought his extensive skillset permanently to New Zealand shores. Using Fytogreen products including some that are not seen here in NZ, Stuart can showcase the possibilities for your projects. Sustainable Green’s focus is to deliver an ecologically sustainable bespoke green wall solution matched specifically to your vision and requirements.

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Fytogreen is a multi-award-winning innovator of green infrastructure solutions and Australia’s leading specialist in roof gardens, green walls, planter boxes and bespoke elevated greening. A full-service green infrastructure specialist, that’s been developing sustainable greening solutions since 2002, leading the way in an industry where nature and technology meet. Fytogreen have the horticultural knowledge, research focus and technical smarts to grow in every ecosystem and deliver on any scale.

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Why Should You
Choose Us?

Our point of difference is Sustainable Green takes on the full responsibility for the garden on your building, with a strong focus on ecological sustainability. This ensures your garden will thrive for the natural life span of the plants being used.

No longer do your green walls require regular replanting at high expense, look stressed and have poor plant health as all this is eliminated with the correct design approach and researched delivery techniques, tried and tested with over 300 previous installations.

Sustainable Green will now be able to show what is possible sustainably with “gardens on the built structure” industry with the support of Fytogreen (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Creating a Successful
Sustainable Green Solution




Sustainable Green’s full turnkey solution includes the design of any green wall space – from small interior green screens to 10 story-high living walls.

Our design covers not only the physical structure, but the services required to sustain the plants, the selection of plants, and how they are arranged in order to thrive for their natural lifespan. We’ll work with you to understand your expectations and come up with a design solution that will see you enjoying the benefits of a garden on your building for the natural life of the plants being used.

Our tertiary qualified botanist will help you select the best plants for your project, matching plant options to the known growing environment of every garden type on a building. With a focus on providing ecologically sustainable gardens, our preference is to use native plants where possible.

Sustainable Green provides full maintenance programmes on an annual contract basis, so you can ensure your green wall or garden is always thriving and attracting the right attention for your building.


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