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Purifies the Air

The plants in any of our green wall solutions will help to filter particulate matter, such as dust, pollen, soot and smoke, from the air and convert CO2 to oxygen. Whether it’s an internal or external solution, a green wall will contribute to the purification of the air and improve air quality in and around your building.


Social Environment

Roof gardens or large planter boxes can help to foster a sense of community in the workplace. Employees will often take an active interest in the plants and flowers growing in these spaces, and roof gardens tend to become social spaces to spend lunch and break times.


Noise Reduction

The insulating properties provided by green wall solutions also act as a sound barrier for your building, or for a specific space within a building. Externally, a green wall can absorb up to 40% more sound than a bare facade, helping to reduce the noise both inside and outside of your property.


Increases Productivity

It’s proven that plants have a positive effect on people, so using a green wall solution in or on your building can really help boost productivity and employee satisfaction. Green walls can also help to reduce stress and improve overall staff well-being. A green space is a happy space!


Temperature Control

Plants absorb sunlight and this helps in two ways. In the summer, it creates a cooler and more pleasant climate as 50% of sunlight is absorbed and 30% reflected. In the winter, a green wall acts as an extra layer of insulation for a building or a specific room within a building, helping to retain the heat. All of this leads to reduced energy bills and a reduction in air conditioning and heating costs.


Reduces Sick Days

Greenery promotes a healthy indoor climate, and spaces with a green wall solution see fewer complaints such as headaches, irritated or dry eyes, sore throats and tiredness. This can help to significantly reduce the number of staff absences through sick leave.


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